FreeBSD Magyar keymaps/font maps?

Julian Elischer julian at
1998. Aug. 24., H, 07:56:52 CEST

I have commit privs and can commit any hungarian localisations you can
send me..

I have my own keymap here that I can produce all the Hungarian characters
on, but I don't know yet how to make some of hte rest of the system accept
8bit chars (e.g. vi) 

what key sequences would you use to produce the four 'o' variants
on a US type keyboard?
I have used o, <ALT-o> <alt-ctl-o> and <ctl><alt><shift>-o

for o 243, 245 and 246

also in the fonts, some of the hunarian caracters are used by default for
cursor support.. makes capital O (accent) impossible.


On Sun, 23 Aug 1998, Gabor Zahemszky wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm Gabor Zahemszky, and made it for 2.0.5.  Well, i've sent a mail to this
> list about it, too.  Not so many people interested in it ;-(.  After so many
> corrections, I've sent it to ache at (Andrew Chernow) about 2 or 3 days
> after 2.2.5-REL.  And I was so disappointed, that it wasn't on 2.2.6.  So later
> I've sent a letter about it him, too.  Now, he CHECKED IN it, but if I know well, 
> only to 3.0.  (There are some mails about it at my regular account, if somebody
> is interested in.)  So please, do what you can!  By the way, as from about 2.2.5
> FreeBSD has ISO-8858/2 collating sequence, and correct ctype definitions, and
> from 2.2.6 there are iso Latin2 syscons fonts, most of my work > /dev/null.
> Now the missing bits are (were :-) hungarian date formats and keymaps.
> If you have hungarian keyboard, or know it well, you'll be happy with it.  But
> if you have default US keyboard (as I think, most of hungarian - and not-
> hungarian FreeBSD-users), maybe I can make another one.  It would be good, too.
> Hey everybody!  Please, vote for the official hungarian keymap on US-style
> keyboards.  I think, we need the whole US keyboard, and only the accented
> characters, but where do we put them?  I made it for me, that the accented 
> characters are available with Alt + <something>.  (I think in UNIX-world, it
> would be better to press \ | < > ' " [ ] { } - ` ~ in normal way, and not 
> in AMWAY (hmm: M$-way :-) form (eg: AltGR-q, etc).  But you know!
> Roviden es magyarul: Szvazzatok, a normal ameriakai billentyuzetre hogyan
> definialjuk ra a magyar ekezetes karaktereket.  Szerintem az a jo, ha az
> ekezetesek erhetok el Alt - akarmi formaban, es a tobbi van a helyen, de
> en persze hajlando vagyok kompromisszumokra - sajat magamnak ugyis sajat 
> billentyuzetkezelom van mar lassan tobb mint ket eve -, szoval hova tegyuk es
> hogyan az ekezetes betuket.
> I hope, it helped.
> ZGabor at CoDe dot HU
> PS: and yes, I was on vacation - I'm only surprised, no-one from this list
> could tell the truth about hungarian localisation - my letters about it can
> find in the archives. ;-(
> Look, not see!

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