[BSD] securelevel kerdes

Gabor HALASZ halasz.g at freemail.hu
2010. Jún. 3., Cs, 15:35:17 CEST


Azt mondja a man:

2   Highly secure mode - same as secure mode, plus disks may not be
     opened for writing (except by mount(2)) whether mounted or not.
     This level precludes tampering with file systems by unmounting
     them, but also inhibits running newfs(8) while the system is multiâ

x232-2# sysctl kern.securelevel
kern.securelevel: 2
x232-2# gpart create -s GPT ipsd1
ipsd1 created
x232-2# gpart destroy ipsd1
ipsd1 destroyed

Valami otlet?

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