FreeBSD Magyar keymaps/font maps?

Julian Elischer julian at
1998. Aug. 24., H, 21:28:20 CEST

Zahemszky Gabor wrote:
> > I have commit privs and can commit any hungarian localisations you can
> > send me..
> Great!  I'll send it you, too.

> > also in the fonts, some of the hunarian caracters are used by default for
> > cursor support.. makes capital O (accent) impossible.
> If you said mouse cursor support, yes.  Go, and pester sos (?)

apparently the FAQ has the answer.... (for russion)

13.1.1. Console Setup

    1.Add following line to your kernel configuration file: 

      options         "SC_MOUSE_CHAR=0x03"

      to move character codes used for mouse cursor off KOI8-R
pseudographics range. 


hopefully this is of use! 
it would be nice if this could be specified per font..



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